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When we arrived to Prague in the early hours of the morning, the city was blanketed in a fog. I immediately loved the ancient buildings, cobblestone streets, broken walls and colorful facades. Angelika… Continue reading


Reen and I landed in Dubrovnik at noon on a Saturday, and when we stepped off the plane, there was a mob of screaming Croatians: they were chanting our names, wearing t-shirts with… Continue reading


***a few things that happened south of the border: indy got an ear infection and we took her to see a mexican doctor who wrote up her prescription on a typewriter from ’78 //… Continue reading


Joe and I went to San Francisco. We kissed our children good-bye, boarded a miniature airplane and flew to cali. For the first time in years, we had four entire days to ourselves. We… Continue reading

Seoul town lights. {KOrea}

If you ever go out at night in Seoul, you should know that you can’t have only one destination–Korean custom mandates that you make at least three stops during the course of the… Continue reading

Seoul train. {Korea}

Sometimes in Korea we walk from place to place or sometimes we take a taxi cab, but my favorite way to travel is by Seoul-train. When we go underground to catch the subway,… Continue reading