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seven haikus about the coleman family and their trip to oaks amusement park.¬† ferris wheel flying/looking upward to the sky/the colemans and i the oaks park quiet/amusement is not open/the rides are all… Continue reading


“and above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. those who don’t believe in magic will never find… Continue reading


A few weeks ago, these {one+one=three}¬†flew me to Ashland to document the final days of the belly. Peter was one of the first friends I met when I moved to Portland over ten… Continue reading


In Idaho, there are Osprey that fly above the cabin and eagles that nest in tall trees next door. There are grouse that make drumming sounds with their wings and quail that run… Continue reading


Lately Indy has been riding bikes around the block. And making bouquets from weeds and dandelions in the yard. And writing lists of words that are easy to spell with a peach-colored Sharpie.… Continue reading

The Lambie Family. {Korea}

These three adventurers have lived all over the world: teaching at International Schools and exploring Asia. They now reside in Seoul and while I was in Korea, I was lucky enough to have… Continue reading

Kimchee Love. {KOREA}

Dear Kimchee: You are laid out in front of me on a small plate and I pick you up with silver chopsticks. You burn my mouth with your heat and you remind me… Continue reading

Seoul town lights. {KOrea}

If you ever go out at night in Seoul, you should know that you can’t have only one destination–Korean custom mandates that you make at least three stops during the course of the… Continue reading

I heart Busan. {Korea}

On my recent trip to the Korea, Tiana surprised me with a romantic getaway to the beach town of Busan. We arrived at our destination after three transfers on the metro, a journey… Continue reading

Seoul train. {Korea}

Sometimes in Korea we walk from place to place or sometimes we take a taxi cab, but my favorite way to travel is by Seoul-train. When we go underground to catch the subway,… Continue reading