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baby belen // los angeles newborn photographer

on a morning in a lush canyon: these two swinging in a hammock and drinking up the california light.

orchards, forests & fields // portland family photographer


portland family photographer // the gordons

this darling family on a sunny morning with some hula-hoops, a trampoline and a few musical instruments. ❤

portland family photographer // joaquin on sunshine

this little family and all their love

portland family photographer // the colemans

three <3

my beautiful friend christina: photographer and mama to these two boys, on a day back when the sun glittered like summer would never end….

the temers // seattle

love & fishing boats // seattle



A month ago, I flew to Ashland to photograph Peter and Courtney’s bun in the oven (see the pics here) and last week, I flew back to capture the wee babe that was born… Continue reading


seven haikus about the coleman family and their trip to oaks amusement park.  ferris wheel flying/looking upward to the sky/the colemans and i the oaks park quiet/amusement is not open/the rides are all… Continue reading