Seven + seven. {Skamania Lodge, Oregon}

Fourteen years. Since the day JOe and I met. I was nineteen. He was twenty-one. It was college in Bellingham and and I can still remember that month like it was yesterday. Now,… Continue reading

My wonderland valentine. {Portland}

My amazingly talented friend Leela came over and we turned my dining room into a wonderland.  She brought over decorations and I bought 84 expired strawberry-pink cupcakes from the Hostess outlet for one… Continue reading

Snowfalls. {Idaho}

The snow falls. We put another log on. We heat up mugs of hot cocoa. We sit on the couch underneath blankets and watch the world turn white. We play Go Fish. We… Continue reading

NIght sky. {Idaho}

We waited. It did not come. Out in the cold frozen night, we stood, staring up at the shining winter night sky. We looked out over the dark lake, out to the lights… Continue reading

Christina & Nautis. {Portland}

Christina is a photographer and her son, Nautis, plays a tiny drum set and listens to the Clash. She makes magic with her camera and her view through the lens is unique and… Continue reading

Everett. {Portland}

Everett is a High School senior. He is also a photographer. We met. I shot. He bought balloons. I photographed him in front of a speeding train. We ate popcorn. We looked at… Continue reading

The new year stars.

there was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.  –j. kerouac HELLO 2012. nice to meet you. although i don’t know you yet, i really like the… Continue reading


In 2011, I: turned 33, sprinkled my grandparents ashes into a icy-blue river, got my first pair of Toms in bottle cap green, sold some small ticket items on Craigslist, sold some big ticket items… Continue reading

The ocean’s heart beats to Banda. {Mexicolandia}

When we go to Mexico, we stay with my aunt and uncle and for two weeks we live in their house on the hill with its palapa roof and red tile floor, the… Continue reading

Vanessa+Amil {Married in Portland!}

Vanessa and Amil were married on an autumn afternoon on the second of November, and while they were saying i do, people around the world were celebrating the Day of the Dead: making… Continue reading