Indy finally graduated. From kindergarten. He stood up in front of the class and shook Miss Amanda’s hand and she gave him a diploma with balloons on it and a red mardi-gras necklace… Continue reading


On the day that I hung out with these four, the sun was out, and in their beautiful garden, the light streamed in through the trees. The coy swam in circles around their… Continue reading


On the day that I met with this sweet little family, the clouds were big and white and puffy in the sky. We spent time on a blanket in the grass and we… Continue reading


Brian and Melissa have a bun in the oven. On the day that we hung out, we went on walk around the neighborhood and there were leftover puddles from thunderstorms the night before.… Continue reading


Lately Indy has been riding bikes around the block. And making bouquets from weeds and dandelions in the yard. And writing lists of words that are easy to spell with a peach-colored Sharpie.… Continue reading


I have known Rebecca since we were little–we met at some point in Elementary School and then spent our days together doing laps at the Queen Anne Pool, in our speedos and light… Continue reading

Seoul providers: The Nelson family. {korea}

the nelsons are the reason that i went to korea and the nelsons are also┬áthe reason that i want to go┬áback to korea. they welcomed me into their Seoul life with, as Journey… Continue reading

Little plastic Seoul. {KOrea}

Seoul through the lens of a Diana Mini.

Tim + James. {Korea}

While I was in Korea, I hung out with Tim and James. Sometimes we hung out at seafood tents, sometimes we ate fried chicken, but always it was bright-lights-city-fun with these two. On… Continue reading


The city of Seoul has a heartbeat. Ten million people together: riding subways, hailing cabs, buying kimbap, waiting for buses, crossing streets, watching for small slices of sky between the high rises. One… Continue reading