The ocean’s heart beats to Banda. {Mexicolandia}

When we go to Mexico, we stay with my aunt and uncle and for two weeks we live in their house on the hill with its palapa roof and red tile floor, the… Continue reading

Vanessa+Amil {Married in Portland!}

Vanessa and Amil were married on an autumn afternoon on the second of November, and while they were saying i do, people around the world were celebrating the Day of the Dead: making… Continue reading

The Fulford Family||Portland

When I hung out with these four, the day was a perfect slice of autumn. The leaves were glowing orange and red and the sky was clear blue. We collected rocks and shells… Continue reading

Courtney+Jordan||Sodo Park, Seattle

On the day that Courtney and Jordan were married, the sun broke through the thick layer of Seattle clouds and brightness lit up the day. On the day these two were married, crowds… Continue reading

Kelly+Nick. {MARRIED AT THE Art Museum in Portland!}

On the day that Kelly and Nick were married, the sculptures in the garden at the Portland Art Museum stood perfectly still and the sun glittered and flashed through the treetops. The bride… Continue reading

Prairie homie companions|Portland

My two prairie homie companions. They seem to have taken stock, moved in and locked down. It doesn’t look like either of them will be getting their own place anytime soon.