My name is Shelby. I usually remember my dreams, I am a faster-than average walker and I drink black tea with milk and honey. I am scared of high places but I don’t mind flying in airplanes. I have 2 children, a pair of gold leg warmers and a constant desire to carmelize onions. I also have a husband named Joe who believes that apple cider vinegar is the cure for everything and we live together in an old house with crooked floors and a haunted basement. Sometimes I sing Karaoke on Tuesday nights and other times I walk around on the streets of Portland with my camera in hand. I don’t have cable TV and I don’t own a rain jacket and I’ve never been to the top of the Space Needle. I could eat green curry everyday and I often feel the need to talk in an accent.

I am available to photograph weddings, family sessions and commercial projects.

I am based out of Portland but I will gladly travel anywhere.

Please visit my website or contact me at 503.481.8981 if you would like me to take your picture.