megan + jessie // a tulum wedding

on the morning that megan + jessie got married, a tropical storm blew through quintana roo. the water turned grey and winds ripped through the palm trees and scattered bougainvillea flowers. waves smashed onto the beach and the rains came fast, and sometimes sideways. and these two were married in the swirl of it all: underneath a hurricane sky in the month of october. and even though the weather was strange and unpredictable, this tulum crew still showed up–they wandered down the edge of the sea to watch the waters rise and fall; they ate fresh churros at midnight and drank adult beverages out of coconuts; they watched the clouds move through the sky and danced through red lights and smoke screens until the morning came; and they celebrated these two fiercely, all the way through the storm. congrats, lovebirds — your day was magic xo

getting ready shots at: blue sky tulum

wedding venue: akiin beach club

videographers: moving pictures