little plastic tokyo // nineteen days in japan

japan. movement and energy and lights. neon signs and women in beige button-down jackets and matcha soft serve in a cone. tiny blue garbage trucks and crepes filled with pink ice-cream and everybody under black umbrellas when it rains. getting lost in subway stations and waiting for vending-machine ramen and cherry blossoms filling up the sky. chopsticks and ferris wheels and temples with wooden floors and sushi dinners at 7-eleven. finding bamboo forests and abandoned bicycles and tiny offerings everywhere. kimonos around every corner, crossings at shibuya and futons for sleeping. rainbow cotton candy and girls screaming “kawaii” from cars and green tea at every meal. tokyo, osaka, kyoto & okinawa: you did us right and will will never, ever forget you. i will also never forget that tiny can of asahi beer that i consumed on my first night in japan–i drank it in our tiny air bnb down a tiny alleyway in the biggest-tiniest city in the world and it only made me a tiny bit drunk. Nihon ga daisukidesu forever (!!)