alethea & high fidelity coaching // portland

this woman is magic and this is how i know >>> for YEARS my basement has haunted me: over fourteen years worth of $hit in boxes and bags and bins that i have never had the energy to look at much less touch. alethea came over on a winter’s day with her shop vac and her red sharpies and all her wisdom and we tackled my space in four hours–we worked hard and we worked together and she held the torch and made me see the light. the amount that we got done was incredible — i had needed her vision and her words of encouragement to motivate and move me. she cleared out my cobwebs and dark corners and i shed a few turquoise tears of relief when i was able to see the concrete floor once again. she organizes like a boss and motivates in a reach-down-and-move-your-soul kind of way. if you need a little life guidance or if your basement is a cluster, call this lady up and i promise you will be (more than) glad that you did. +++ find her at high fidelity coaching +++