rita + jim // married at cathedral park

back in january, i got to photograph these two as they tied the pre-knot in northern chile, underneath the skies of the elqui valley. they had the perfect little ceremony that included a night of pisco and tango, surrounded by a small group of friends and family. i was lucky enough to be a part of it: my 10 year old daughter and i flew to south america to photograph this event, then we had 15 days of exploring the country on our own. rita is an amazing artist and makes incredible sketches of all the places she roams (see her work here) and i got to watch her in action, capturing the views and sights and foods of chile. in june, after getting ready in a little blue trailer called *the hideaway*, they married underneath the bridge in cathedral park, then headed to the colony for a night of celebration, sketching, paella, and tango. these two have an incredible community and the time i spent with them in chile and portland was magic. congratulations to these two magnificent souls xo

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