love in the city // san francisco

leota and i met in high school. we spent our days sewing hippie dresses in my basement and playing our african goat-skinned
drums on the shores of green lake; listening to kate bush in her bedroom and writing walt whitman quotes on sheets of 8×11 paper.
she introduced me to isabel allende and the cowboy junkies and she gave me shots of wheat grass when i loitered at the juice
bar she worked at. in college we were baristas together in an old wooden-floored cafe in fairhaven and we lived together for a
semester in an early 90’s apartment complex called the “villa bonitas”. on friday nights we would watercolor and drink hot
chocolate on the balcony and listen to ani difranco songs on repeat. now she calls san fran home and has a beautiful baby girl
and a lovely&talented husband who writes novels and spending time with her helped me recall parts of myself i thought i had forgotten.
so grateful to have had time with these three…

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