the coast // cannon beach

cannon beach in december::our second annual coast trip with our daughters. that night they were predicting hurricane-like winds that could take out the power and ruin the world. instead, the beach was an incredible mess of rain and clouds and light but the real storm never came. we swam in the salt water pool, jumped in the hot tub and chased seagulls; we watched movies in bed, listened to the waves crash and drank bubbly out of plastic cups. these two amazing girls remind me to be braver and better; the sum of their ages barely adds up to seventeen and already they are taking on the world. c.beach-19c.beach-18 c.beach-5 c.beach-12 c.beach-20 c.beach-4 c.beach-13c.beach-15c.beach-7 c.beach-6 c.beach-212014 weddings33-19 c.beach-9 c.beach-16 c.beach-1 c.beach-26 c.beach-3 c.beach-27 c.beach-28 c.beach-29 c.beach-31 c.beach-46 c.beach-32 c.beach-33c.beach-8 c.beach-34 c.beach-35cannon beach-1c.beach-24 c.beach-36 cannon beach-2cannon beach-3c.beach-52 c.beach-53cannon beach-4