five was 365 days of blue and gold: it was dribbling a soccer ball around the kitchen and polishing rocks with your nana; it was building spaceships with legos, experimenting in the kitchen with flour and water and catching snowflakes on your tongue; it was building forts with sheets in the living room and it was making spy hideouts in the branches of the butterfly bush in the backyard. five was dressing up in capes and fancy clothes and soccer jerseys and swimming goggles; it was jumping off of docks into lakes and it was building sand castles on the beach. it was learning to say “how are you” and “very good” in spanish. it was tripping over untied shoelaces and it was walking into your first day of kindergarten in a plain shirt and sport pants. it was long hair at first, and then five became short hair after a woman at bishops forgot what a “trim” means. it was talking in your sleep and dreaming loudly and doing flips off of the couch into stacks of pillows. five was spilling glasses of milk and laughing before bed and riding around with the windows down; it was waving to people on the street and telling knock-knock jokes and frequently using rolls of toilet paper as binoculars. five was learning the words to paul simon’s graceland and it was falling asleep every night next to your sister, holding hands, tangled up. five was loving ninjas and attempting cartwheels; it was watching cartoons in your pajamas on saturday mornings and syrup on your face after eating pancakes. it was counting to 100 and drawing pictures of dogs with sidewalk chalk and dancing like kevin bacon in footloose; it was trying not to pop giant spaceship bubbles and running through clean sheets drying on the line; and it was scoring goals on the soccer field and waving your hands in the air. five was seeing the world as magic; it was finding wonder in the most unexpected of places…but the earth goes around the sun and six was inevitable. so now you are 3+3 and you blew out 5+1 candles on a cake and all of the sudden the world feels different:::you are bigger, taller, smarter, older. i hope that there is as much joy and wonder in 6 as there was in 5:::happy birthday little man.

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