emily + meg // married at mass audubon in the berkshires

last february, i photographed the wedding of these two on the wildwood trail: it was mid-winter and the air was frosty and they said *i do* in the middle of the towering forest park trees. this past september, they asked me come to massachusetts to photograph their east coast ceremony and i could not have been happier to capture this epic event for this rad couple. the berkshires are magical and the leaves had barely begun to turn, the summer slowly deepening into the colors of fall. the day was full of love, macaroons, and games of corn hole; antlers were held, a bonfire was lit and emily and meg danced into the night, along all the peeps who love them so. congratulations to two of my favorites::e+m 4-ever!! and a big thank you the amazing and talented isabel furie for photographing this event along side me.


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