the hill workshops // vermont

last summer i went to vermont to take part in the hill workshops and it was an amazing five days in one of the most spectacular
places i’ve been. we slept in rudyard kipling’s old estate and ate late night dinners by candlelight; we looked into the eyes of
llamas and walked through apple orchards; we drank shots of maple syrup and wandered through tall grass…i learned how to
make videos and fell in love with the misty august mornings on this hillside. the incredible ryan marshall kept us busy, entertained
and inspired and our lovely host nadia dole kept the table decorated our bellies full. our other teacher-leaders included the super
talented michael martinez and the rad duo tiger in a jar. although it has taken me almost a year to post these pics, they are
near+dear to my heart, and i feel so grateful for my time on that hillside.

hill-7 hill-6 hill-28hill-5 hill-8hillnew2-1 hill-9hill-11 hill-10 hill-24 hill-3 hill-23 hill-12hillnew3-1 hill-2 hill-13hill-25 hill-27 hill-19 hill-21 hill-17 hill-18 hill-22 hill-20 hill-15hill-14 hill-29