in the year twenty-thirteen i: fell in love with sriracha, built 15 lego ships and drank 478 cups of black tea with milk and honey; held my girl’s hand and closed my eyes when she got her ear’s pierced; held my boy’s hand every night before he fell asleep; learned how to de-seed a pomegranate, learned how to cut a grapefruit; pretended i was a ninja, pretended i was a spy; made snow angels and snow balls; lived in an igloo for an hour; camped out under a double rainbow; walked down the road with a bison; ran past a fox; practiced my dougie, worked on my cha-cha slide; became obsessed with supernovas and black holes; found a hidden beach town in mexico; danced to a 10-piece mariachi band in chacala; ate oysters in a library; pulled out one of indys loose teeth and killed 7 plants; built forts in the living room and dining room and hallway; built piles of leaves for jumping; ate gelato in bosnia; took pictures of street fashion in montenegro; danced till dawn in dubrovnik; left wild horses on a croatian bus; cut my bangs, cut my boys mullet, cut my girls split ends; sang fleetwood mac at how can be lounge; sang the cure at the alibi; became a part of a photo project with 13 other photographers; sewed a skirt and made my own buttonholes; took voice lessons and learned how to breathe with my belly; lit smoke bombs and sparklers; docked a boat and shot weddings in budpest, jackson hole and astoria; collecteed sand dollars on the oregon coast, collected dream catchers in wyoming, collected snowflakes in idaho; read rilke and whitman and oliver; did not use an umbrella, but used some rain boots; applied a fake tattoo to my upper arm; thought about moving to uruguay; practiced my spanish with the women who sell us tamales; accidentally memorized the lyrics to thrift shop; did not memorize the swedish alphabet; did not memorize a poem in chinese; did the robot at three am in a basement bar in boston; miscalculated time and wished on dandelions; watched old faithful reach the sky; arranged flowers in mason jars and slept in tents and caught my sleeve on fire; bought books from bookstores and stacked them on my shelves;  spoke with a new zealand accent; spoke with a russian accent; spoke with a southern accent; thought about skydiving; thought about the transsiberian railway; held newborn babies and kittens and light sabers; had dreams about swimming in lagoons and houses with red doors; had dreams about alligators and free-falls; fell out of love with instagram and carpet; rode my bike through traffic; rode an inner-tube behind a boat; rode a buffalo in my mind; woke up with ghosts in an old mansion in vermont; held a praying mantis; counted shooting stars and tried to count the colors in the northern lights; considered becoming a backup singer for jack white; considered becoming an astronaut; road tripped through the mountains and the desert; ate at small town diners in oregon and drank at outdoor cafes in budapest; painted things gold, played music loud, tied sawyer’s shoelaces 237 times, and made 49 buns in indy’s hair; saw horses dance in hungary; ate a foot long sausage in the czech republic; waved a flag at a timbers game; crashed by bike on a summer’s day; scored three goals in my backyard; met a 97 year-old woman with a purple scarf; imagined my arms tattooed with feathers and wings; met a miniature mexican pony; got lost in the streets of prague; walked up 6,598 stairs; swam in the pacific ocean, swam in lake pend orielle; watched sunsets, watched orange is the new black, watched the rain fall like buckets; said good-bye to our cat, said goodbye to our couch, said goodbye to my 34 year old self; roasted marshmallows, popped popcorn and walked down long roads; lost 189 eyelashes, two-stepped with a cowboy in wyoming, bought a new car and named it avalon bill; got caught in windstorms and got caught in spider webs; kissed people hello, made up hand-shakes, took naps; made flower crowns, put my hands in the air, built paper chains; said YOLO 74 times loudly and 5 times soft; folded paper airplanes and swept my floors and tried and rebelled and failed and cried and worked and waited and laughed and loved and fought and created and danced and slept and sighed and sweated and wondered. here is to a new beginning and to oceans & oceans of possibility:::happy new year to you all. <<be brave and stay gold>>


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