the wilde family // portland

so happy that i got to shoot this little family earlier this month. we started at their house and then adventured out
under the frozen december sky–trying to find patches of sun and light through the trees. kelly is an amazing
photographer (check out her work here) and the home this family has created is all kinds of magic. loved hanging
out with this bunch and being a part of this little slice of one of their winter mornings…

wilde-1 wilde-4wilde-2 wilde-3wilde8-2
wilde-5 wilde-6 wilde-15 wilde-8 wilde-10 wilde-11 wilde-12 wilde-9wilde8-1
wilde-16 wilde-19 wilde-17 wilde-20 wilde-21 wilde-13 wilde-22 wilde-23 wilde-24 wilde-26 wilde-27 wilde-28 wilde-31wilde-29 wilde-32 wilde-36 wilde-39wilde8-3
wilde-41 wilde-42wilde8-4
wilde-45 wilde-47 wilde-48 wilde-49 wilde-53 wilde-51