claire+james // married on a mountain in jackson

i have known and adored claire since she was little–she and my sister were the best of friends growing up and i
remember their soccer games and slumber parties and dance performances in our back yard. last month, i had the
honor of photographing her wedding–she married her lovely boy on a mountain top, in a clearing of trees on a warm,
end-of-summer day. after they said I DO, the guests rode the alpine slide down the mountain and the newlyweds rode
the chair lift to the base. on their way to the reception, a paraglider swooped in from the sky and landed right in front
of them. the celebration was cowboy hats and s’mores on the rooftop and dancing until the wyoming night turned
light purple. the jackson weekend was crazy-epic and i couldn’t be happier that these two have found each other.
claire+james forevah.

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