the millimans // seattle

the beach. the summer. the city. the water. a blanket. some sun and the these three. i kinda couldn’t love them more.

milliman -2 milliman -3 milliman 2-2 milliman3-2 milliman6-1milliman5-1 milliman 2-4 milliman 1-1milliman4-1
milliman 2-1 milliman5-3milliman3-1 milliman 2-3 milliman5-2milliman3-3 milliman3-5milliman3-4 milliman3-6 milliman3-7 milliman3-8 milliman3-13 milliman3-14 milliman3-16 milliman3-23 milliman3-9 milliman3-18 milliman3-15 milliman3-11 milliman3-19 milliman3-17 milliman3-12 milliman3-20 milliman7-1 milliman8-1milliman3-21 milliman3-10 milliman3-22