yellowstone // wyoming

end of the summer road trip with a car full of sleeping bags and flashlights and maps. a car rack packed with an old tent and a box of camping dishes from the 70’s, handed down to us from my parents. sawyer’s seat pocket loaded with sticks and rolled up pieces of paper and different shaped rocks; indy with her bruised and tan summer knees, holding onto a mason jar of chamomile tea, that she prepared herself. a dirty windshield and crumbs on our seats and the open wyoming road stretching out forever ahead of us. music loud, windows down, passing apples back and fourth, stopping to fill up our tank, stopping to let bison cross, stopping for eggs and bacon in roadside diners. double rainbows and thunderstorms and hiking with bears. blowing up air mattresses, boiling water for coffee in the mornings, ravens on fences, hot cocoa in insulated mugs, building fires with twigs and branches; marshmallows on sticks, balancing on logs, watching the first stars appear in the night sky. bison on parade, with large tree branches in their hair; wolves in the long grass by the side of the road. sometimes walking through yellowstone felt like a journey to another planet: the steam, the pools of aqua blue, the white powder landscapes. and sometimes during our time at yellowstone i imagined gathering up my family and swinging them up onto the back of a bison, and riding off into the wyoming sunset. ultimately i decided against going that route, but apparently this year, there were four tourists who paid no attention to signage or judgement and tried to ride anyway. how successful there were, i have no idea…

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