alissa+brian // married at left bank annex in portland

The wedding of A + B on an early summer day. The industrial, concrete-floored Left Bank Annex, succulents on the tables, locally-made whiskey at the bar. The bride’s dress like a dream; the groom in a bow-tie and polka-dot socks. Vows under a huppa and the sunlight filtering in over the couple, across a sea of family and friends.  A white cake, voodoo doughnuts and ruby jewel ice-cream sandos; a photobooth with a city-scape backdrop. The crowd dancing into the night to the sounds of the early ’90’s and everybody with their hands in the air; the city lights shining in through the windows of left bank. The sun set over the city and the moon rose up into the portland summer sky and I left the party as a huge fan of this rad couple. I walked out the door with a doughnut in my hand and I sang notorious B.I.G the whole way home.

venue: left bank annex // flowers: ink & peat // catering: simpatica dining hall // dj: dj zimmie // videographers: aaron almquist

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