They are my little orange slices, my cupcakes, my pumpkins; my jellybeans, my bunnies, my peanuts. They run around the house, the take apart the couch, they throw legos down the stairs, they spill milk on the counter. They leave doors open, they jump off the top of the bunk bed, they line up cars across the dining room, they build forts behind the couch. They splash water when they take a bath, they wear their helmets inside, they share secrets, they climb up onto the windowsills. They stack pillows, they have picnics in the backyard, they put band aids on each other, they leave handprints on the wall. They fight and sometimes pull each other’s hair; they cry and call each other names. They make up and help each other into bed and at night they sleep together like puppies.

*these images were taken over the past few months: some outtakes from the you are my wild project.

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fam27-1 fam24-1 fam25-1 fam3-1fam26-1