***a few things that happened south of the border: indy got an ear infection and we took her to see a mexican doctor who wrote up her prescription on a typewriter from ’78 //  i saw dennis quaid at the airport in manzanillo and followed him around for about a half an hour and then i heard the lady at the ticket counter refer to him as eric larson, and i realized that man i had been stalking was not dennis quaid  //  we watched  a crocodile try to eat a black flip-flop, mistaking it for a bird or small dog. the shoe then became impaled on his front tooth, which made it look like he had swallowed a tourist // sawyer wore a batman cape to the juice cart // we watched a little person train a miniature pony in a dusty parking lot // indy wore a fanny pack to the beach // we paid a 9-piece mexican marching band 50 pesos to play us la bamba and as the tuba player sweated into his instrument, i drank a pina colada // we spotted whales off shore and then we clapped as the mama and baby launched themselves out of the water towards the sky // we met a 102 year old woman name cielo and indy asked her if she was the queen of mexico because she was so old // we bought cups of cucumbers off the street and told the vendor to add more lime and salt // we sat on my aunt and uncle’s deck and watched the ocean swallow the sun //  i searched for tacos in a floral jumpsuit // we met a 7 year old boy named pablo who sold t-shirts at his dad’s clothing stand // i read two books and took 947 photos and built giant rock hearts on the beach  // sawyer tried to catch geckos while indy swept and mopped the tile floors // i dreampt about scorpions and whales and palm-tree-houses and i realized that inside my heart of hearts, i am really, truly, probably, most likely a mexican. the end***



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