I met up with these three on a winter’s day when the air was cold and the light was shiny. We had some treats at bushel & peck, and then counted the thermoses on their shelves. We played outside in the cold and tried to find some pots of gold and/or sun. At some point during the shoot, I began to have outfit envy and I started to wish that I had a leopard print cardigan, too. Later on, when we stepped inside the Bollywood Theatre, the smell of samosas was in the air and an old indian film was being projected on the wall. Somewhere in between bites of naan, I realized that I have known these three for over two years. I met the girls a few winters ago, and photographed them at the Deluxe Hotel, in a room filled with balloons and views of the city. These twins are the most super-styley sisters I know, and they are always ready for street-side/curb-side dance parties. Their mama is awesome too–she is the owner of a local salon shoppe for kids called Sit Still. My time with them was pretty much the most fun I’ve had on a January day. 


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