So lately it seems like the only camera I use to photograph my children is the iphone. Which is fine, except for the fact that the images only look good on my phone, in a 2 x 2 square. But its convenient and its always with me and i bust it out often: in stores, on sidewalks, in the car.

On New Years Eve, in the moments that the ball was dropping, I was….asleep. But had I been awake, I would have whispered to myself these three 2013 resolutions: 1. start flossing (more)  2. attempt to sing an in-tune version of Lionel Richie’s “Easy” at karaoke  3. take more non-iphone photos of my children.

The third goal is harder than it seems because my DSLR is big and sometimes I forget it at home and sometimes after shooting other people all da’time, the last thing i want to do is shoot my own kids. The thought of doing a 365 project has occurred to me, but I tried it last year and only made it to day seven (and a half).

But then, out of the blue (in the style of debbie gibson), I got an email from kelsey gerhard inviting me to be a part of a photo project, that she, meaghan curry and rebecca zeller were putting together. Their vision was a blog where a group of photogs would come together for a year to share a weekly portrait of their children(s). For me, it could not have been better timing.

The project is called : you are my wild  and week one was posted today.

Here is the list of all the rad peeps involved:

Anje Bridge
Becky Zeller
Brooke Schwab
Dera Frances
Isabel Furie
Jessica Kraus
Kati Dimoff
Kelsey Gerhard
Klodjana Dervishi
Meaghan Curry
Rebecca Conway
Ryan Marshall
Shelby Brakken
Tara Whitney

So I think my 2013 resolutions are off to a good start: I have been flossing regularly and taking photos of my children in ways that are not all iphone. Now if i could just find some time to focus on lionel…