I have had a photo crush on Jenny Downer for years. I remember seeing her work for the first time and it left me in awe.

I was a bit starstruck the first time we met, and since then we have foraged a friendship. She is constantly creating

inspiring work and I feel lucky to call her friend. When she asked me to photograph her family, I was beyond thrilled.

They handed me a jar of homemade pickles, we hopped in their awesome-mobile and they took me on a southeast Portland

adventure: velvet couches, world maps, and walls of antlers at Seek The Unique; fried chicken, miso twinkies and rice tots at

Boke Bowl; their reflections in puddles; their faces in fox masks; the four of them together, walking through a December day.

We said goodbye that afternoon, and the rain and the sun continued to mix together in the sky. I have always been a fan of Jen’s,

and now I adore her family as well. McDowners, you rock my world.

*see Jenny’s incredible work here.

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