Sometimes Sawyer wears layered Hawaiian shirts and pleated black trousers to bed.

Sometimes he wakes up in his batman cape and sometimes he runs around the house in nothing but mismatched socks.

He frequently laughs in his sleep and he can eat a container of applesauce in under ten seconds.

When he makes a drawing on a piece of paper, he immediately rolls it up and tapes it, which has left me with piles of taped paper tubes.

He loves to put hot wheels in plastic bags and stash them around the house, and he has a fondness for wearing goggles in the bath.

Sometimes he pretends to be a baby. He babbles and crawls and puts things in his mouth. When he acts like an infant, he communicates with sign language and will only answer to the name Baby Clyde.

He tells made up knock knock jokes and has fairly strong opinions about socks (“i don’t need dose sahwks, mama”).

Lately he has been wanting to wear a white wolf suit and read “where the wild things are” multiple times in one sitting. He especially likes the part when Max’s room becomes a jungle.

For his birthday, his nana and poppi bought him a plastic bin filled with cleaning supplies, because in his spare time, he likes to wipe things down.

When he grows up he says that he want to be a “cyeeenor”, (a person who cleans houses) and he says that when he works, he will wear a tie.

He prefers not to pronounce his “L’s” and instead of light, says “yight”.

On Saturday, at 11:45pm, he turned four. I laid down with him that evening and we looked through the pictures from the night he arrived.

I reminded him about how he was born in a tub in our dining room; and I told him about what it felt like to hold him for the first time.

He crawled into my lap and reached up to grab a hold of my earlobe (he has always had a thing for earlobes) and said “mama, i miss being a baby”.

I told him that I missed him being a baby, too.

Happy fourtastic little love. Don’t be growing any kind of facial hair yet–mama not ready for your mustache.

*all photos taken with an iphone and edited with VSCO, because sometimes thats the only camera that will fit into mama’s pocket.