Chinatown. We walked through the tenderloin to get there. We stood underneath red lanterns and in front of dragons.

We shopped for things we didn’t need, like ninja swords and mini buddhas and parasols made from rice paper.

We rubbed the belly of a a plastic good luck cat, and the lady told me that I should put it in the entrance of my home to get some goodfengshui.

We looked in windows and walked down alleyways and almost got hit by taxi cabs.

We were yelled at by a little Chinese shop owner, who demanded that we stop taking pictures of the teacups lining the shelves of her store.

We thought about some dim-sum, but decided on a few bottles of tsingtao instead.

After a few hours walking the streets of chinatown, we felt like we had been to Asia and back.

And although my good luck cat broke almost immediately, my funky feng shui is here to stay.