When I met Posy for the first time, it was after years of seeing her amazing work around town. We finally had cocktails at Old Gold one evening many months ago, and it was like we had known each other always. She is lovely and creative and inspiring and funny and her photography of families and children is beautiful.

Recently, I had the honor of shooting her daughter’s fifth birthday party, and that particular day was filled with: october sunshine and blue skies; pumpkins in fields and mo phillips (portland musician extraordinaire) on his guitar singing madonna covers; bagels with cream-cheese, cupcakes topped with plastic cats and dogs and mason jars with polka dot straws; hula hoops, miniature ponies, hay rides, tree climbing and autumn winds.

Franny’s hair blew in the breeze and her golden “5” balloon got stuck in the branches of the old tree above us. The day was perfect and it made me want to be little again and run around and wear purple cowboys boots. Franny is the coolest and I am so happy to know this sweet family and to have the incredible Posy Quarterman in my world.

*see Posy’s work here.