A month ago, I flew to Ashland to photograph Peter and Courtney’s bun in the oven (see the pics here) and last week, I flew back to capture the wee babe that was born from that belly. Now Quinlan August is in the world and he has been busy getting acquainted with his life, his two dogs, his cat, his home in the Ashland hills, his mama’s curly hair, his papa’s eyes, and the way the summer air feels on his skin. So many moments of sweetness in this day: the quietness, the little baby sounds, the eyes opening to the light. This little boy is tiny and perfect and I could have held him all day. After we said our goodbyes, as I was flying home through the Southern Oregon sky, I thought about how lucky Quinlan was to have been born into such an amazing family; and then i thought about how his parents are pretty lucky, too.