Joleen and Peter eloped. They travelled north to Seattle, to the land of ocean, city and Space Needle. They got ready in separate hotels with their closest friends: Peter ironed his shirt and chewed on pink gumballs from the hotel lobby; Joleen put on her green earrings and sipped on a glass of vinho verde. That evening, they met beneath the large trees at Volunteer Park, kissing as the sun rays filtered down from the sky. They said I DO in a small clearing, flowers making a circle around them, their closest people helping perform the ceremony. There were tears and words; there was sweetness and love. At the end of the evening, the newlyweds left with their friends to go find adventure in the big city, and as they drove away, I thought about how the journey for this amazing couple was only just beginning.

It was an honor to be a part of this celebration: something so intimate and true.

*Peter and Joleen chose to elope to Seattle in order to show support and get married in a state that for the moment, allows same-sex marriage. Last February, a bill to legalize gay marriage in Washington passed the Legislature, and if it is upheld in a November 2012 vote, this law will go into effect.

Here is to the hope that as some point soon, everyone will have this basic right.