These are the Jacobs. They are rad and amazing and they live up north. They have a victorian house with a view of the water, a turquoise-colored kitchen nook that feels like swimming in the Caribbean, and an entire wall dedicated to vintage Tacoma memorabilia. It was hot on the day that I hung out with them and from their bedroom window we watched the ships on the water. The behbeh in the belly kicked and the sun shifted in the sky and the little brother jumped off the bed, into his dad’s arms. After spending some time on the red swing in their backyard, they took me to Antique Row in downtown Tacoma. We walked around and found vintage treasures and I tried not to buy a gigantic plastic letter S. We walked into an empty car garage covered in graffiti, and a lone DJ was spinning some Bill Withers. The Jacobs danced it out as fumes filled the air from an artist putting some new spray-paint art on the walls. As the DJ switched to Al Green’s “Lets Stay Together”, I started rolling my shoulders a bit, and I realized that everything is better when the Jacobs are around.