If you want to have an amazing Ben and Emily style-wedding, you must get married at your parents house, in a pasture, surrounded by tall trees and blue sky. You must provide hay bales for seats and have a few horses nearby that you have decorated with ribbons and flowers. Before the ceremony, you must offer your guests blueberries and hazelnuts to snack on; champagne to sip on; flip-flops to wear because the ground is uneven; and white umbrellas to shade the sun. You must use a Book of Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tales as your guest book and have your friends and family sign “congratulations” in the Snow White section. You must then charter your guests to the North Star Ballroom, so that they may continue the celebrating. At the ballroom, you must make your grand entrance onto the Romeo and Juliet-style balcony, where you will wave to the crowd as they cheer for you, with their hands in the air. You must serve cocktails such as the Negroni and the Caipirinha, and you must offer the guests Voo-Doo doughnuts for desert. You must have toasts that make the crowd clink their champagne glasses together; music that gets the party started; and crazy amounts of love in the air. Finally, you must have the perfect night sky with the roundest moon that ever was. Emily and Ben are the loveliest, and their day was amazing and epic. And now these two rock stars are married. The End.