In the summer we come to Idaho because its hot and different and fun. My parents have a cabin on the lake and being here feels like summer camp. We wear our swimsuits all day and we eat chips and salsa for lunch. We spend the afternoon jumping into the lake, laying in the grass, swinging in hammocks, picking cherries off the old tree in the back, throwing horseshoes, throwing beach balls, floating on the lake in bright yellow inner-tubes, watching eagles fly across the treetops, watching the clouds move across the sky, listening to boats revving across the lake, running through the sprinkler, snapping life jackets, applying sunscreen, tightening goggles, walking barefoot, and washing sticky popsicle faces.

Its Idaho, and in Idaho, we aren’t busy. We have no plans, no requirements, no appointments. We watch the sunset every night and then try to stay up late enough to watch the stars.

And when I go to sleep every night, I fall quickly and dream hard. And most days I never, ever want to go home.