I met Debbie in high school. I have so many memories of her and I: in Seattle, in cars, in guatemalan skirts, in the grass at outdoor concerts. And then we grew up and lost touch and she stayed in Seattle and I moved to Portland.

And then one day out of the blue, she contacted me to photograph her wedding. She had met a boy and fallen in love and so of course i said: yespleaseiwouldLOVEto. So I drove north and walked into the day of their wedding with my camera in hand.

During the eight incredible hours that I was with them, there were:::limos rides, rooms filled with light, kisses in front of graffiti walls, champagne toasts, kites at gasworks park, accordion players and bongo drummers, bouquets with orange flowers, seaplanes in the sky, plates heaped with strawberry shortcake, records spinning music, black and white pictures from a photo booth, people shaking it on the dance floor, lights on the water, and finally, a ride on a boat that never left the dock. It was amazing to see the love between these two, to be there at the moment they said i do, and to be a part of their momentous day.

D+Z=4ever. And ever.