Portland pride parade. Glitter. Drummers. Dancers. Unicorns. Rainbow flags. Rainbow umbrellas. Rainbow socks. Rainbow streamers. Gold wigs. Purple balloons. Pugs with pride t-shirts. Men with mardi-gras beads. Women on motorcycles. Drummers. Feather wings. Singers. Marchers with signs. Silver roller-skates.

This year, Indy marched  in the parade with Reen. He carried a sign that said: celebrate ambiguity and he wore florescent striped socks and a pink fanny-pack and red sunglasses. We cheered when he walked by and he waved to the crowd. He marched past me and left a cloud of glitter in his wake and a trail of mini-rainbows with a thousand unicorns sprinkled on top. And then I cried (again), but they were tears of pure gold.