On the day that I met with this sweet little family, the clouds were big and white and puffy in the sky. We spent time on a blanket in the grass and we watched as sun rays lit up the dog’s fur and turned it into red-gold. They laid in a bright blue hammock, underneath lanterns and pom-poms, and relayed stories about Hawaii and surfing. The baby crawled with fierceness in the grass and she tried to eat pink flower petals. They told me that in the morning, they were leaving on a road trip–driving their blue van through several states in search of fun and adventure. I secretly wanted to stowaway in their vehicle and be their on-site travel photographer, but I had to get home to de-thaw some pizza dough. As I drove away that afternoon, the skies turned dark and the clouds turned grey and by the time I arrived home, the world was booming with thunder and rain was falling in sheets. When the lighting flashed it felt like a sign. By the next morning, the storm had cleared, and the day was still and I imagined these three driving down the highway, rolling through after-storm puddles, singing loudly to some classic rock, and being super-fly in their big blue van.