I have known Rebecca since we were little–we met at some point in Elementary School and then spent our days together doing laps at the Queen Anne Pool, in our speedos and light blue swim caps. In the water, we kick-boarded and butterflied, and on land our skin and hair smelled permanently of chlorine. When we did the backstroke, we learned how to count flags to the wall and when we practiced our flip turns, we learned how to streamline off the edge. I recently had the chance to photograph her lovely little family and although Rebecca and I hadn’t seen each other in years, it was as if no time had passed at all. Now we are older and we are both mamas and I haven’t been in a swim cap for years. But someday soon, our kids will be asking us questions about old swim team pictures, and we will tell them that our team was called the Tsunami’s and that swimming was our job and that Janet Evans was our God and that our nights were filled with dreams of being in the water. And someday, I might have the chance to watch my own kids dive into the pool and freestyle to the finish line. They would climb out of the water and their goggles would be foggy and I would wrap them in a towel and it would forever remind me of Rebecca and our swim team days on Queen Anne Hill.