Seoul providers: The Nelson family. {korea}

the nelsons are the reason that i went to korea and the nelsons are also the reason that i want to go back to korea.

they welcomed me into their Seoul life with, as Journey says: open arms and they gave me a room in their apartment with a view of the dong (neighborhood).

they gave me maps of the subway and a metro card and encouragement, and they gave me nights filled with kalbi and shabu shabu and noribong and soju.

they gave me my first lesson in K-Pop and they taught me how to spot a fake Fendi purse.

they gave me my first and only words in Korean and they gave me the confidence to use them on taxi cab drivers.

they gave me a place and a purpose while i was in korea.

they were (as the great Michael Bolton once wrote) my Seoul Provider(s) and I do not have enough words to thank them for all of the fantastic times.

i miss them all and i love them all

and even though I am back in the Portland-Oregon now, the Korean beat of my heart goes: kam-saham-ni-da, kam-saham-ni-da, kam-saham-ni-da forevermore.