Tim + James. {Korea}

While I was in Korea, I hung out with Tim and James. Sometimes we hung out at seafood tents, sometimes we ate fried chicken, but always it was bright-lights-city-fun with these two. On the day that we took photos, we parked illegally. But in Korea, this is kenchanayo-OK, because everyone has their phone number on their windshield and if a security guard wants to tow your car away, they just CALL YOU. We ate pastries from a French bakery called Le Alaska, we snacked on kimchee french-fries from a Mexican-Korean fusion taqueria, and we wolfed down Gyros from a Turkish schwarma stand on the street. We walked through alleyways and through crosswalks and through crowds of people. One of my favorite parts about being in Korea was spending time with these two and now that I am back home, I find myself distracted when I should be working. Instead of writing or editing or doing the laundry, I just sit and daydream about the streets of Seoul, Tim and James and kimchee tacos.