The Lambie Family. {Korea}

These three adventurers have lived all over the world: teaching at International Schools and exploring Asia. They now reside in Seoul and while I was in Korea, I was lucky enough to have the chance to spend an afternoon with them. So we headed deep into the city and ended up at the colorful AK Plaza. The streets were noisy, the signs were chaotic against the sky, and the sidewalks were busy, but this little family stood underneath it all let themselves be surrounded by Seoul. We saw street vendors selling plastic pigs, mannequins without heads, chickens roasting on skewers, and displays of fake Prada bags.The final stop was BEST BURRITO (one of few Mexican restaurants in Seoul) and they sat in the window and ordered some tacos. As I watched them, I decided that I should become a teacher and move to Asia so that I could live their daily adventure. And for a moment, I put my camera down and just watched them in the through the glass and they looked happy because they were together, and also because real tortilla chips with salsa were on their way.