mama song. {a flashback}

mama: remember that time that you gave birth to me? it was an august afternoon and the air was hot and you worked hard to bring me into the world. then you and dad took a polaroid picture of the three of us and you held me close and in that moment, you were finally a mother. remember that afternoon that you nursed me, then changed my diaper, then put me in the snuggly? we walked around Discovery Park together and you pointed out the birds in the sky and the water in the distance and the tall trees moving in the wind. and remember that time that you sent me off to my first day of kindergarten? it was my first bus ride alone and you followed behind in your car, the entire way to school, and you had tears in your eyes, but you had to make sure i got there safe. remember that time before bed that you tucked me in and read me Little House on the Prairie and sang me a song? and i never wanted you to leave my room, but you would kiss me goodnight, and I would know that you were still close. and remember that time that you packed our lunches and cooked us good meals and drove us to swim practice? and remember that time that you supported me and loved me and helped me and showed me the world?

if i could write it all down and give you the list, it would be like a version Elton John’s Your Song, but a million times longer.

thank you for who you are and all that you have done and all that you continue to do. and thank you for all the times that your work has gone unnoticed and under-appreciated.

you are amazing and i love you.

oh, and remember that time back in 1979 when we went into the yard to play on the swing that dad had hung from that big tree? i loved that day…