Eva & Maia. {Korea}

Last July, Eva and Maia moved to Seoul with their mom and dad. Now they live in an apartment in the Bokjandong neighborhood and they walk to school together everyday–sometimes with their hair down and always with their backpacks on. Since living in Asia, they have learned to take off their shoes before sitting down at a restaurant and they now know how to say please and thank you in Korean. They have learned how to take the bus to E-Martu and they are always practicing the art of using chopsticks. Life in Korea is new and many things are different: the way the air smells, the way that words sound coming out of people’s mouths, the way that the food tastes. But they have taken it all in and adapted and now they have a little Korea in their hearts. Spending time with these girls was one of the best parts of my trip: Maia with her love of transformers and the way she so casually rocks a full body spiderman suit; and Eva’s twinkly eyes and the way she fondly refers to me as “Shelb”. Sometimes when I am with her, she reminds me so much of her mom at that age that at times, I feel like I have been transported back to 1986. These two are 마법, which in Korean, means magic.