I heart Busan. {Korea}

On my recent trip to the Korea, Tiana surprised me with a romantic getaway to the beach town of Busan. We arrived at our destination after three transfers on the metro, a journey on a high-speed train and a ride from a blind taxi cab driver. Our hotel had a view of the ocean and for breakfast, they offered us a Korean-style buffet, which included kimchee, yogurt, salad, corn and bacon. During the day, we rode the city bus, wandered around the fish market, walked along the beach, watched the seagulls, and practiced our kamsahamnidas. In the evening, we rented a Noribong room to work on our duets and we drank Korean beer at a bar called Awesome Pub Miami, which had a disco floor that lit up in squares of varying colors. At the end of that night, we found ourselves eating conch shells and key clams under a seafood tent. Although it was three o’clock in the morning, it seemed like the whole city was still wide awake. And as we were walking home under the city lights, I felt like I must have been having a Korean dream, so I pinched myself to make sure it was real. And it was.