Seoul train. {Korea}

Sometimes in Korea we walk from place to place or sometimes we take a taxi cab, but my favorite way to travel is by Seoul-train. When we go underground to catch the subway, it is like another world where everything smells like waffle cones and smart phones. Tiana taught me how to take the yellow line to the orange line to the blue line and she also taught me how to scan my metro card on the way out of the station so I don’t get trapped underground. People on the subway like to sleep and I always wonder how many people miss their stops and wake up to find that they have accidentally ridden to the end of the line. The other day, a little old man with some shopping bags and a pair of wire rimmed glasses nodded off to sleep on my shoulder. He rested easy for a minute then jerked awake when the train started up again, but I barely noticed that he used me as a pillow, as I was busy watching several sleepers in the aisle across from me. Another thing people do on the subway, besides rest, is fondle theirΒ smart phones, which means that they text, surf the internets or play Angry Birds. The cabin of the train is pretty quiet, but sometimes you can catch quiet conversations over the hum of the metro engine, and sometimes you can hear the automated voice announcing over the loud speakers that you have finally made it to Bokjandong. But without fail, the loudest noise by far is the constant tapping of people’s fingers on their iPhones, texting their neighbors to say hello.