The Almeter Family. {Portland}

There was light on the morning that I met this little 3 + 1-on-the-way family. There were pink petals on the sidewalk outside their house and their home was filled with sun-rays and the smell of banana cake. Harley Rose is three and she loves playing with rocks made of glass and she sleeps with a dream catcher on the wall above her bed. Her mama’s belly is growing everyday and she says that she is ready to be a big sister. That morning, after all the cake had been eaten, we decided to go in search of a blossoming cherry tree, but instead we found a mexican restaurant with Barbie pinatas draped from the ceiling. At one point, I went outside and watched in through the window as the little threesome sat together, feeding each other bites of chicken taco. The sweetness was overwhelming and it made me want a taco, too. And an Orange Crush in a glass bottle. I cannot wait to meet the baby inside that beautiful belly and Harley Rose cannot wait to take that baby on a walk to show her new sibling just how blue the sky looks when it is the backdrop for branches of pink cherry blossoms.