Seven + seven. {Skamania Lodge, Oregon}

Fourteen years. Since the day JOe and I met. I was nineteen. He was twenty-one. It was college in Bellingham and and I can still remember that month like it was yesterday. Now, ten + four years later, we kiss the kids goodbye and take off in the car and drive out the old historic highway along the Columbia. We stop at lookout points and waterfalls and enormous raindrops fall from the grey February sky. When we finally arrive at Skamania Lodge, it feels like thunder but I see no lightning and they give us a room with a fireplace, that is lit with real flames, but not real wood. In the lobby, we sit in a large, light-filled room with windows that look out onto the river gorge and we read books and watch the rain fall. We soak in the outdoor pool and we think it would be funny to sit in the water with an umbrella, and pretend that we are in a cave and let the storm surround us. Although we don’t have time to play a game of foosball in the activity room, we do have time to open a bottle of champagne and watch the bubbles dance around in the glass. And just as I think the rain will never stop, the clouds clear and from the view out our window, we watch a rainbow stretch across the sky and we talk about the day that we met: seven + seven years ago.