My wonderland valentine. {Portland}

My amazingly talented friend Leela came over and we turned my dining room into a wonderland.  She brought over decorations and I bought 84 expired strawberry-pink cupcakes from the Hostess outlet for one dollar. We invited 4 little lovelies and we put out bowls of animal cookies and then we threw crepe paper around in a wild fashion. We sprinkled mini-doughnuts on the table and made everyone wear an animal mask and I stuck a headless doll into a cupcake just for fun.  Leela has taught me that it’s ok to throw a party on a dark January day and that it is also ok to throw a party to celebrate nothing in particular. I am lucky to have all of these sweet valentines in my life: Leela, Agatha, Arwen, Dot & Indy: thank you for coming over in your Sunday best and for not being afraid to make animal cookie sandwiches. Hearts all around & Happy Valentines Day!