Christina & Nautis. {Portland}

Christina is a photographer and her son, Nautis, plays a tiny drum set and listens to the Clash. She makes magic with her camera and her view through the lens is unique and inspiring. We came into each other’s lives via the internets and spending time with her always reminds me of how important it is to have photog friends. We recently met down by the water, near an abandoned warehouse next to the train tracks. The sky was white and the winter river, grey; we walked on sheets of rusted metal and jumped over cloudy puddles of old rain. No trains came speeding by and no birds flew overhead. I took pictures of her and Nautis because sometimes as a photographer, you look back over the past few years, and you realize that you only have 4 pictures of yourself. It is great to be behind the lens, but it is also good to be in front of it, for a change, so that your children know that you were actually existed (and I wanted Nautis to know that his mama exists and that she is amazing). Christina drives a big blue van that normally holds band equipment. She loves walking in the woods and she also loves her boy. You can see Christina’s most recent work on her blog.